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 A day on the river  will make you feel like a kid and see many beautiful attractions on the river.


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If you have any questions please feel free to ask.  Our rates are very competitive.  Our boats are flawless.

GREAT SERVICE. Come to our dock with your confirmation and we will get you off on your river cruise.

Boat Rental. Rent one of our boats and take it out on the Delaware or Allegheny river for a day with your family.

Electric Boat Rentals was honored at the annual convention and visitor bureau's Best of the Area awards for our commitment to excellence and for our continued support of eco-friendly tourism. CEO Jay Arbor accepted the award for Electric Boat Rentals at the Regency Hotel.


Based in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Chicago we have easy access to three rivers and many of nearby streams in both of the areas. 


Electric Boat Rentals is now open in Pittsburgh.  We are located in Aspinwall Marina, 285 River Avenue in Pittsburgh.  Very close to downtown.  Enjoy the skyline and views.




Electric Boat Rentals

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